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Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics


Database SEABASE

SEABASE records more than 128,000 documents within the areas of knowledge:

  • Shipping, Shipbuilding, Ports
  • Transport, Logistics
  • Economy and Trade

Besides books especially market studies, research and conference reports, annual reports, economic statistics, selected articles from national and international journals as well as links to documents on the internet are reviewed.

ISL Information Centre/Library

The ISL Information Centre is European-wide the leading centre for information and documentation in the area of maritime economics and logistics offering professional services about branches, markets and businesses.


The ISL Reference Library, which exists since 1954, is one of the biggest scientific special libraries with a total stock of about 129,000 volumes and 750 journals and series. Special focus is put on the collection of market studies, annual publications as well as ship registers.

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